Best Updated Woodsman Pal Knife Design – 2019 Review

Woodmans Pol Knife

Before we speak about the Woodman’s Pal iconic Tool, we just have to speak about a fabulous a person behind the tremendous design.

Woodman’s Pal is an astonishing creation of Frederick Ehrsam. Frederick Ehrsam is not just an expert in its tools, But he is also an architect-engineer, manufacturer and an Artist. He is basically from down south and settled at Pennsylvania in 1930.


His skills and experience had given him tremendous exposure to the outdoor environment. With his skills and knowledge, he then created a design which took the next 10 years which led the whole world use it.

Creating a knife was not a pioneering idea, But filling the gap and making it successful Knife was a something that Frederick Ehrsam learnt.

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what does that mean? let me tell you

Frederick Ehrsam soon identifies a gap in the main tools that is been used by professionals in forest and Management. The tools used by this forests people was very heavy, it lacked the balance and also they needed multiple tools to trim, chop the trees, prune it, etc.

Also, there was a big concern that the inexperienced users were so much unsafe with all these tools.

He came up with an idea, which could eliminate all these problems and fix a permanent solution with just one tool. He then designed his own knife and name that Woodman’s Pal in 1941.

Professionals in the field watched quickly and recognised the advantages of this knife and implemented all over forests, agriculture, horticulture etc and recognised it as a historic design.

Woodman’s Pal knife pride just didn’t get limited to forest, horticulture or agriculture, it was soon recognised by US military force.

Frederick Ehrsam made an agreement with the US military for Woodman’s Pal Knife production. This just increased the popularity and the credibility of a knife directly or indirectly. The US military termed this knife as LC 14-B, which we call it as Woodman’s Pal knife.

Woodman’s Pal knife led the main role in World War II, during the Desert Storm. It also helped in GIS and US Army Signal Corps.

US military force relied heavily on woodsman Pal for cleaning operations.

During the Vietnam War, the Woodman’s Pal was designated with the new name called “Survival tool type 4” and got expanded to aircrew survival kit which then serves the US military Aircraft for several years.

Even today the woodsman Pal design is praised by new generations, it might not be known by many as that of the previous ’90s but the survivors, Housman’s, outdoor enthusiasts are very much familiar with the design.

It was originally designed in the US and it is still being designed by the USA by a skilled craftsman, They have a manufacturing unit called “Mr Ehrsam’s original Victor Tool Company” and as a major operation in Pennsylvania

Before we get into the specification, Let’s speak about the Groundbreaking design of Woodsman Pal. Which was upgraded with US Army sign since WW2.

WW2 Woodsman Knife Restored

It’s one great design combined with multiple features like Manchete, axe, knife and shovel which dedicated suits for hunting, fishing, bushcraft, camping, survival, Line management etc.

It is not just an outdoor tool to be known for, it can also be instance friend to a family helping each activity in the indoor.

The speciality of the knife is, both handle and the sheath is handmade by Amish craftsmen. It’s not just restricted for only two things, the Blade is also handed sharped to an extent and foiled with a machine to make sure it does a groundbreaking cut.

The company describe, they have designed Survival machetes with an extended lifetime Long length handle, Which as multiple grips that can favour for various usage by increasing the control line, which in turn minimising the uneven balance.

Uniqueness is not just restricted with the handle, they have also used high Carbon Steel which is tempered up to 1500 Fahrenheit to give the best hardness and strength, which can ultimately reduce the corrosion. so that it can increase the lifetime of Woodman’s Pal Knife.

It is 100% per cent designed and manufactured in the US which is made by best craftsmen in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

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Specification of Original woodsman Pal knife design – 1941

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Old Woodsman Pal Design


They have used SAE1075 blade material. This is a cold-rolled Steel with hardened with Rockwell C47.

Has I have previously mentioned, it is tempered up to 1500 Fahrenheit to get the best hardness and the strength in the blades. With this solid material and the tempered Fahrenheit, it can gradually increase the corrosion resistance capacity, in turn, increases the durability of the knife.


The handle is made up of a single piece of American hardwood. It is fixed to a riveted tank handle designs. They are completely handmade to get the good ability and feel of it, It as a hand-stitched leather ring direct attached to the hand line.

Totaly it as a flat V-ground shape which looks like a convex axe.


The sheath is completely hand-stitched with Amish Craftsmen in Lancaster, Peninsula.

The company uses a Bridle Quality Leather to prepare a Sheath, also this is treated with Neatsfoot Oil Preservative to get the roughness and stability required.

To make it even more comfortable they have added the belt which makes it convenient to carry comfortably. There is also a brass stamp attached to a sheet with the Laxman Pal symbol carved

Specification of updated woodsman Pal knife – 2019


There is no much difference between the old and Newly updated except the blade material, handle material and sheath design.


Woodmans pol blade

Woodman’s Pal now uses a material called 1074/1075 spring Steel with a thickness of .110 inches.

  • It is a precise and laser cut
  • It is Treated up to 1500 degree Fahrenheit to reduce the corrosion.
  • They have quoted the blade with 16 mate powder which also gives the precise finishing.
  • These all parts are assembled individually by hand by a skilled craft men’s from Peninsula.


Woodmans pol handle
  • Woodman’s Pal uses Ash wood material for the handle, which is also stained for good appearance.
  • It is then Urethane coated with the protection and have a dropped finishing with the best wax for grip and tact.
  • Each Handle is separately done and with the unique wood grain.
  • They have made up great work on the handle grip which allows relaxing the handle with a secured feeling, This also prevents from slipping and Motion hand stain.
  • Length is an added advantage, this also helps in multiple hand portions.
  • The hand is rectangular designed with round edges which helps in blade alignment.
  • Even the new model is provided with which strap just like the old design, for the secure and safe handling of the knife.
  • The handle is attached with the solid brass screws to keep the handle intact.


Woodmans pol shealth
  • The complete sheath is hand-stitched by skilled craftsmen from Lancaster country, Pennsylvania.
  • The material remains the same for the new version as well, they use bright quality leather for a sheath.
  • It has a belt loop for convenient carry.
  • It as a quality brass nap to keep the woodsman pal blade in a secure place.

Which once served in the US Amy is snow available at a very low price in (Woodman pal Knife)

Woodman Pal Knife

Woodmans pol specifications
Height 18.00″
Width 5.50″
Depth 2.00″
Blade Material 1074/1075 Spring Steel
Blade Thickness 110″
Handle Material Ash Wood Handle
Sheath Bridle Quality Leather
Made In USA
Buy at

Conclusion On Woodman Pal Knife

Woodman Pal Knife is NOT just the awesome design, but it can also be the best friend for daily use. As it is not just restricted for one activity, it gives an added advantage. “Having one knife for all activity is better than having each different knives for different activities”. Why not join the Woodman Pal and try one? Woodman pall at

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