Best Marbles Folding Bowie Knife Review 2019

marbles closing knife

Before we speaking about a Marbles Folding Bowie Knife and review it, let’s see a bit history about Marbles manufacturing company, which designed and produced these knives. Marble arms manufacturing company which produced Universal Rifles at the beginning, later they expanded their products from Rifles to outdoor goods, like hunting knives, safety gears, compass, marble […]

Cracking The Aircrew Survival Egress Knife Code- ASEK 2 Review


This new generation ASEK combines S & E functions into one knife-and-tool with a very flat, sturdy and compact design, good balance, lightweight and ready for the toughest fieldwork. The ASEK is compatible with the Air Warrior System, fitting on the individual air-crew member and accessible and operable with one hand. Provided the user follows […]

Opinel Knife Review: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

Joseph Opinel is a designer behind the Opinel pocket knife. It was designed during the 1890s in Savoie. Opinel pocket knife is an iconic design with simple, beautiful and robust functionalities. Opinel is known for its quality and dedicated craftsmanship over the quality. Stell used in the Opinel knife is carbon steel. Opinel says that […]