Should I carry a pocket knife? Let’s decide !


If I am put in a situation to answer the question” Should I carry a pocket knife?” irrespective of legal and illegal facts, I would probably say YES, especially for self-defense or safety, Everyone would not have the same reasons as I do. I have written 5 reasons I felt where the pocket knife can save you, there are 100’s of reasons to list. if you know a few comments below.

Why should you carry a pocket knife

1. Survival tool in an emergency situation

2. Most of them carry for the self-defense

3. People carry for preparing food or cutting fruits

4. The Pocket knife is also used for lighting fire

5. The Pocketknife can help you in first aid

1. Survival tool in an emergency situation:

If someone asks you! what is the first tool you would need in a survival situation?

My answer would be a Pocket knife, irrespective of how well we know to use them, I know everyone would answer the same. If you have a different answer! comment below.

Pocket knives play a vital role in such a situation, if at all you are stuck in that situation it can help you to fire up, might help you to build shelter, probably can help you to kill to get your food.

We cannot deny the fact the knife is one of the most important tools that can keep you alive in the survival situation in the forest.

2. Most of them carry for the self-defense:

Everyone would probably say that they are carrying the knife for the self-defense.

Is that they have been threatened by someone? No, not at all, It’s not at all the way we think, we all know we cannot predict the future, also we would not know what’s ahead of us.

There are so many counties and hundreds and thousands of case every year about stabbing with a knife, that all happens day to day life.

People try to rob using the knife, they would randomly threaten you with a knife for the money. This is where self-defense comes.

If you ask a person, who would always carry a knife? the reason behind this, they would probably say one of the above reason we mentioned.

In the present generation, self-defense should be the first priority of your life.

3. People carry for preparing food or cutting fruits:

People usually like to keep a knife in the vehicle they use, There would be a situation where you buy some fruits and you’ll like to eat it.

In such situations, these knives can be a perfect friend of yours.

There are people who buy fruits in the roadside market, most of the time the roadside markets tend to have fresh fruits and vegetables as they directly buy from farmers,

when you go for trucking and you have to cut some vegetable or meat or anything to prepare food then these knives will be a perfect tool.

4. The knife is also used for lighting fire:

We all know the basic survival tool in the jungle is a knife.

Creating a fire is not an easy task using a knife, it just helps you to gather rightful materials. I don’t deny the fact that there are newer knives which helps you to generate sparks.

Keeping a knife in general, all pocket knife would not have a magnesium flint as a modern survival knife. As a reality, it will help you to light a fire directly or indirectly.

These magnesium flints can instantly help you to get the fire started in a min. You would probably see all these drills in Bear Gills TV show ” MAN vs WILD”

5. The Pocket knife can help you in first aid:

Reading this heading “The Pocket knife can help you in first aid:” would make you laugh, You might also think, How can knife be a medicine! It’s not in that way.

Think you are in a situation where you saw an accident took place and you have to a person, he is stuck inside the car with seat belt or anything that should be torn apart in order to pull the person out of the vehicle, in this situation it acts the first aid to bring the person out of the danger.

You might have also seen in many movies, removing the bullet from the body using the knife, I don’t think that would probably happen in reality, But in few situations, a pocket knife can be a life savior.

Why shouldn’t you carry a pocket knife

There might be hundreds of reasons if you would ask a policeman, as an article writer, I will give 4 common reasons, that I think would help you.

1. Laws restrict carrying a pocket knife

2. The public may panic seeing a knife in your hand

3. The situation can make you a suspect having a pocket knife

4. There are detectors which would put you in trouble:

1. Laws restricts carrying a pocket knife:

We all know there are multiple counties in the world which restricts carrying a pocketknife in public. Even there are different knife laws in different states that govern knife usage.

Laws strictly prohibits the carry of knife openly in public, because these knives can so much delay if it is in the wrong hand.

There are hundreds to thousands of cases registered every year because of killing, stabbing, etc. these cases have made the laws even more strict.

You will be sentenced to jail and would make to pay a certain amount of fine if you been caught possessing a knife without a permit.

2. The public may panic seeing a knife in your hand:

As I previously told, because of many crimes using the knife, the public is in a dilemma where a person carrying a knife in a public openly is meant to harm someone.

If you ask me, I would probably think the same. Any person would not be able to change the mindset of the public.

we can promote a good vibe about knives but there are media shocking the crime and faults that can change the public point of view in a second.

There are few states in the united states which permits you to own and openly carry a certain type of knife without the permit.

But the United states knife law defines any knife over 3.5 inches are completely illegal irrespective of the type of knife the person owns.

3. The situation can make you a suspect having a pocket knife:

There would be 1% situation. Let’s try framing a story to make this interesting. You would be in a shopping mole and all of the sudden a crime seans happens in a fraction of the second. all you know is someone is stabbed to death and you own a pocket knife for your safety.

As any of the people have not seen the person who has stabbed or recorded in the CCTV footage, the police in the mole, make a complete check on the people inside the mole. as you have a knife you would be in a lot of trouble now. “Just a story and probability”.

4. There are detectors which would put you in trouble:

As we all know because of the safety purpose there are metal detectors all over the place, like moles, airports, train station, etc.

These places will not allow you to have any knife or any such materials that could harm another human being.

If you’re caught in the airport with a pocket knife and I think you would be in a lot of trouble.

It would go smoothly if you have a permit to own and carry a pocket knife with you. I don’t think everyone would have a permit.

Conclusion on carrying a pocket knife

Carrying the pocket knife would be both good and bad, it all depends on the situations your into. I could not recommend the knife to be with you always, I am just an article writer, trying to help you decide to have or not to have. If you decide to have it then go through the laws enforcement article of your country, don’t put yourself in trouble by talking the knife with you. If you are not willing to take it then you can always find the alternative, It’s all you who have to decide.

The End, ♥ towards Pocket knife

Source: survivallife and newbieprepper


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