Seax vs Bowie – Facts and History.


Seax is an old English word which refers to a knife in the modern 21st century the archaeology used this word to refer to a small knife, dagger or sword.

Bowie is referring to a knife with a double-edged point. These were used during the 19th Century and this name came to existence after Jim Bowie will discuss more about Jim Bowie in the history part of Bowie knife.

Seax Knife

Seax knife model was invented in the 17th century, initially, These knives where the combination of double edge swords and were intended as a sidearm weapon

After the 7th century, the knife gained more popularity and was considered as the main weapon of War along with small side knives.

As the popularity of the knife grew the size and shape modification of the knife took place. It is not common to see the same design in all countries, there are multiple different types of Seax knife.

Europe follows the same trend making the seax knife the mainstream weapon of War. England chooses to have the different version of the same knife that is long seax, during this time broken back style seax became more famous it is also one of the modified version of seax knife.


Seax Knife Modification History

when I speak about modification I have to list a number of modified seax knives.

  1. Narrow long seax knife: when they featured it as a mainstream knife, thy stretched the length of the knife to favor the long-distance fight. This was mainly used in Germany.
  2. Short seax knife: This knife where the combination of the main knife during the war.
  3. Narrow seax Knife: This is knife as the brand or the pattern like snakes, engraved in the blade and the edge and back are curved toward the tip.
  4. Light broad seax knife: These are similar to the narrow seax knife whereas this did not have any special pattern or design on the knife.
  5. Heavy broad seax knife: The specialty of the blade is that it has a single long hilt of greater than 20 cm and these knives did not have any special pattern as the narrow seax knife.
  6. Atypical broad seax knife: Similar to heavy broad seax knife.
  7. Long seax knife: This had very long blades of 50 cm or 20 MM and often had multiple patterns like a narrow seax nice.

Bowie Knife

Bowie knife was invented by James Black during the early 19 century for Jim Bowie.

During the 19th century, the Sandbar fight was most famous and Jim Bowie is one of the most famous sandbar fighters who used the large knife at a duel.

Since the first instance, itself bowie knife incorporated several recognizable and characterized design features.

As the previously defined Bowie refers to a large blade with a double-edged point. You can say it looks or refers to a sheath Knife. BowieI still has a lot of demand on the present market and there are hundreds of custom design knives available in the market.


Bowie Knife History

1. It is not clear to define the origin of the bowie knife even though the knife was built in 1832. Conspiracy make this complicated as there is the modern definition of Bowie knife which pre-date Bowie

2. We all know the Bowie and received the name from James Bowie who is the greatest fighter of sandbar fight, who do die at Alamo. James Bowie used to wear a large knife after the sand bar fights.

3. Even though the history says the bowie knife came to existence after James Bowie, because of not having a solid definition and documentation there are multiple people taking the credit of invention and improvement of Bowie knives.

Seax knife Vs Bowie knife Comparison

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Seax Vs BowieSmiley faceSmiley face
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HandleWood handle with brass studsbrass handle
Blade Length13 inches11 Inches
Product Dimensions3 x 10 x 12 inches5 x 5 x 5 inches
Total Weight1.65 pounds4 pounds
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Conclusion On Seax knife Vs Bowie knife

Both the seax knife and the bowie knife are the iconic weapon of history. and both have their own reputation. You may be familiar with bowie knife the seax knife. There are 100’s of custom designers who do bowie knife, and it has tremendous demand on the market. also, be informed that there are several laws governing the usage of knives in a different place. check before buying.


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