Seax Knife and Its Awesome Facts


Seax is a term defined for a small knife, dagger or sword. In the old age basically, it is another word for a knife. These terms were used by German people during the migration period and the early middle ages.

Seax knife

Seax knife as a large tank blade attached into a wood or a horn hilt, which is a single-edged sharp surface horizontally inserted into a scabbard attached to a belt and as the edge of a blade upwards.


Table of content:

1. History of seax Knife.

2. Type of seax Knife.

3. Seax Knife Geometry

History of seax Knife.

Seax knife arrived at the end of the 7th century.

sneak peek of the 7th century, it is a period from 600 to 700 AD according to the Julian calendar which is also called a “common era”.

After the 17th century, the Seax knife became the main edge weapon of War, at the same time the popular weapon of War was Francisca axe.

Francisca is a throwing Axe you might probably seen many images or videos about it. These were used in early middle ages that are around 500 to 700 AD.

Francisca was called the national weapon during Merovingians.

I think we got deviated to Francisca axe, let’s come back to the seax knife but knowing the piece of history along with the reference knowledge and examples is a great way of reading.

After the seax knife became the main attraction Europe follows the same trend. During this period the seax knife started evolving into different length, size and shape.

During the 8th to 11th centuries, the pattern of seax knife had evolved, now knifes had welded blades, while other designs had silver copper brass plates, etc.

Type of Seax Knife

  • Narrow long seax knife
  • Short seax knife
  • Short seax knife
  • Narrow seax Knife
  • Light broad seax knife
  • Heavy broad seax knife
  • Atypical broad seax knife
  • Long seax knife

1. Narrow long seax knife: When seax knife became a mainstream War weapon they developed a new modification to seax, making it a long weapon and named it a narrow long seax knife which can keep the opponent in a certain distance during a fight.

2. Short seax knife: During the starting of seax knife generation they were used as a side knife along with the main swords.

3. Narrow seax Knife: Narrow seax is similar to the other seax were as it has a snake pattern carved on the knife blade.

4. Light broad seax knife: This is similar to narrow seax knife whereas it as simpler blade design and lacks the hilt.

5. Heavy broad seax knife: The specialty of this knife is that, It as a single organic hilt of greater than 20 centimeters.

6. Atypical broad seax knife: It is similar to heavy broad knife whereas it has a simpler carving on a knife.

7. Long seax knife: It has a blade of 50 cm / 20 or much longer and has a hilt similar to that of broad seax knife and generally it is curved slightly towards the tip.

Seax knife Geometry:

It is a hilt mainly made up of wood or horn.

The tang is a central-port or a Central Line of the blade.

Seax is normally a single side large blade

The seax knife is horizontally inserted into a scabbard which is usually attached to a belt.

The most famous blade is a seax broken back style seax knife which generally forming ⅓ to ⅗ percent of the blade.


Seax knife is one of the most famous mainstream war weapons of old age. These as been so many modifications over the original seax knife, still we get to see and buy the original seax knife. make sure you go through your state laws before buying any type of knife as there are multiple laws governing the usage of the knife.

The End ♥ towards a seax knife

Source: Wikipedia and Topsurvivalweapons

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