Rapier Length – Does Different rapier have a different length?

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Disclaimer: There are multiple Rapier and all the Rapier length varies from one another. All the information has been collected from a different source, if there is any mistake in the dimensions for Rapier please comment below.

Rapier and history

Rapier is a thrusting weapon, this was mainly used during early modern Europe. Rapier becomes very famous with wealthy classes in Europe and as the popularity grew the modification to Rapier took place. Make it a highly fashionable sword but the criticization towards the technical potential of the sword increased. keeping aside the factors of dueling use. This made its benchmark on history, even now people are passionate about Rapier. These Rapier were also known as Estoque in the early ages.

Rapier Length Chart Chart

RapierOverall length Blade length
German Rapier 48 1/4″ 42 3/4″
Swiss Rapier 45 1/4″ 39 1/2″
Italian Rapier 55 3/4″ 50″
English Rapier 50 1/4″ 43″
Cup-hilt Rapier 51 3/4″ 46″
Military Backsword 38.2″ 31.9″
Shell-hilt Rapier 47.2″ 39.5″
Spanish Rapier 49 1/4″ 44 1/2″


Type of Rapier

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German Rapier

It is a lovely looking Rapier, It as a typical look of the 16th-century sword. It is good for practicing sensor

It has a diamond shaped blade with a very decorative hit within normal weight and a good balance.


German Rapier Specifications

overall length 48 1/4″
blade length 42 3/4″
width 1 1/8″
weighs 2 lb. 11 oz
Year 1550-1560

Swiss Rapier

These have a unique design on the hilt called lions head design. This is a 16th-century sword and the handle is basically made up of wood is a two-sided sharp rapper.


Swiss Rapier Specification

overall length 45 1/4″
blade length 39 1/2″
width 1 1/4″
weighs 3 lb. 2 oz.
Year 16th Century

Italian Rapier

This Rapier is a unique kind of hilt design, it is somewhat similar to cup hilt whereas it has seven rings. It has a diamond cross section on the blade and looks fabulous.


Italian Rapier Specification

overall length 55 3/4″
blade length 50″
width 1 1/8″
weighs 3 lb. 2 oz.
Year 1620

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English Rapier

English is most famous out of all, that is because it has the biggest hilt then any other Rapier, almost 1 ⅜’’. The shape of the handle is octagonal and is wrapped with wires even this blade as a diamond cross-section design


English Rapier Specification

overall length 50 1/4″
blade length 43″
width 3/4″
weighs 2 lb. 4 oz
Year 1630

Cup-hilt Rapier

This is one of the famous Rapier, as the name suggests the hilt is of Cup-shaped protecting fist from the attack. Few documents say it was designed in British, This became very famous during the Charles 1 and his queen period as all the guard used the cup-hilt rapier, Blade has a diamond shape.


Cup-hilt Rapier Specification

overall length 46 1/2″
blade length 38.7″
weighs 2 lb. 4 oz
Year 1634-1650

Military backsword

It is slightly different in the section but it falls under the Rapier family. It has a military type of Sword and belongs to Oliver Cromwell this Rapier as one edge. This sword shows some of the similarities between a civilian and military sword.


Military Backsword Specifications

overall length 38.2″
blade length 31.9″
width 2 lb. 6 oz
Year 1640

Shell Hilt Rapier

This repair as an intersection of two countries, hilt is of British design and blade from Germany. the hilt looks fairly less compared to others and has a flattened blade with the hexagonal section


Shell-hilt Rapier Specification

overall length 47.2″
blade length 39.5″
width 2 lb
Year 1640-1655

Spanish Rapier

This Rapier has a hilt similar to cup hilt which is called pierced cup. The handle is made up of wood and bounded with copper wire it has the flattened blade which is hexagonal shaped


Spanish Rapier Specifications

overall length 50″
blade length 42 1/2″
width 2 lb 2 oz
Year 1660-1670

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Conclusion On a Rapier length

There are still more different rapiers which are not listed in the article. All the rapier pieces of information are collected from a different source. If you know any rapiers that need to be added in the list please comment below.

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Reference : Wikipedia and jan.ucc.nau.edu

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