Puukko knife – A Nondiscrimination male and female version knife

Puukko is one of the small traditional knives which is basically the size of a pocket knife.  Which is usually hooked to the belt, it is also called as a belt knife. It’s mainly used for the general purpose it as a one-side sharp cutting edge with a hidden tang. Traditional fashion birch handle with full-length fuller

History Of Puukko Knife

This knife does not have any throwback history written about it in any document, whereas we have a piece of information that says this Knife was banned in Finland from 1977 since then it has lost its identity in public eye. Finland articles also stats that getting or receiving a knife as a token of a gift is considered to be as a great honour.

As we do not have any much information about this historical Knife let’s go into the design aspects of puukko knife.

Components of Puukko Knife

As all other knives, it also comprises of three main factors or component a blade, handle and sheath. 

We all know sheath plays a protective coat or a layer to a sharp knife, Which usually be attached to a belt buckle or pant,  when it comes to puukko story the sheet was helpful to keep the knife attached to the shirt button or a coat, this is basically because of its size of a knife. As I previously defined the knife is no longer than 100 mm, also the blade is no longer than the handle.

Types of Puukko Knife

Pukko knife
Pukko knife

Small knife gives the perfect grip on wood carving and small works, At that time Puukko was one such Knife which was perfectly suited for small task and carving.  A flat surface area in the handle gives a perfect grip to place a thumb, which usually gives a precise cut and balance on the required directions. Documents lists there are two design aspects in Puuko knife, which mainly concentrated on the type of work that needs to be performed on the knife, puukko upward and downward curved points, Upward curve basically used for carving purposes which made the carpenter work precise. The downward curved point was mainly used for hunting purposes to skin down the animal,  they say that downward curved knife made the work much easier and less Messi for the job. There is also the other design which had a dovetail which was mainly used by fishermen. It’s basically that puukko knife had 3 design type.

Puukko Knife was used for?

Puuko knife was used for carving purposes,  this knife did not have any finger guard or unsharpened section near to the sharp blades.  we all know the downfall of not having the finger Guards in the knives, not to mention this was not used for any crime scenes or stabbing maybe because of its size factor.  

We all know that Hunters or Huntsman always like to use a shorter blade knife whereas woodworkers or carpenters will always favour the longer blades,  a traditional Puukko knife was not a one size knife. It was historically called as a väkipuukko which is basically of the size of 500 mm, to give you the picture of  väkipuukko, it is something similar to seax or short sword, can also be compared to a look of Leuku knife which Sami people used, basically that väkipuukko, a traditional knife size was cut down to 90 – 120 mm and was renamed as the Puukko knife. 

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Throwback History of the Knife

During those years, Puukko knife was both forged in hand as well as in factories,  as it is factory forged, it likely to be used by a large number of people, even though it was forced both in hand and factories, it was laminated with us very small layer of hard Steel, during those years they used  crucible steel which is basically made from a limonite iron. This knife is sandwiched between the layers of soft metal and limonite iron coating to make the blade harder and less brittle. This also favoured high sharpness retention capacity and repeated sharping capability.

This knife is very much popular in Finland and northern Scandinavia, That’s because it is tied up with traditional life and culture.  It as also considered a part of National costume, The good looking knife is an architectural talent of a blacksmith, carpenter and leatherworker with great skills. As we have hallmark for all kind of materials like gold, silver, even the master Smith has a Hallmark on its design pattern-welded Steel which is forged using crucible steel.

During the 19th centuries, knife handle was basically made up of wooden handles, They also used the other materials like bones of animals. Puukko knife handle was mainly made up of birch bark,  They also have documented the usage of different type of materials like Shallow roots, horns bones, scrimshaw etc.

During the 19th century, those did not process any Carbon fibre steel or stainless steel, they completely relied on limonite iron. All the irons that were produced were using limonite on a blast furnace this produced some high-quality iron which suits for crucible Steel.  Puukko knife was not lighter as that of the carbon steel knife or stainless steel knives, this was much heavier compared to any of the present knives, there was also the usage of silver Steel which was basically from Germany, During those periods cold Steel material was very much popular.

What you currently get in the market uses plastic handle materials,  which basically gives away different hand experience compared to the natural materials.

Men and Women Puukko Knives

There is a variation in the types of Puukko knife, one is for men and one is for women. Even though there is no much difference between the size, women’s Puukko knife was often shorter than the men’s Puukko knife, Women’s Puukko knife is much suited for indoor activities like vegetables cutting or fruit etc. Both men and women consider a Puukko knife as a symbol of pride. As already defined Finland considers getting a good Puukko knife as a gift is a symbol of great honour.

In most of the Nordic countries Puukko knife is considered as an everyday tool, they basically use it for anything like hunting, gardening, fishing both indoor and outdoor activities. The reputation of the Puukko knife grew as the expansion of the manufacturing industries grew. Now there are multiple new industries producing Puukko knife in large scales, the most famous companies are Marttiini and Iisakki Järvenpää Oy.

Because of the sharpness and the deadline is in nature this Puukko knife was once banned in Finland since 1977, People also speculate that after the incident this has gradually decreased the popularity of the knife. Also, the everyday usage Puukko knife was just restricted to household works, the one notable company that produces Puukko knife at a very less price is “Mora Knife”. This company basically use plastic materials as a handle for Puukko knife, material of the blade differs from stainless steel to laminated Constructions, even though this knife very much different from the original Puukko knife materials this is still referred as Puukko.

The Place that is Unaffected by Laws

The only place in Finland that was unaffected by the law enforcement of caring Puukko knife publicly was “Garrisons”. In Garrison you see people wearingPuukko knife publicly, people say that as Garrison was an urban area the law was not vigorously enforced, and you see villages wearing hunting clothes and Puukko knife commonly. One public figure that you often see wearing Puukko Knife is Pentti Linkola, As a Profession, Pentti Linkola was a deep ecologist, ornithologist and writer, and who always see him as a fisherman.

Puukko Knife also has a credit of being the only Knife as a civilian tool to be openly carried as a part of a soldier compact gear without any enforced law regulations that are forced by the Finnish Defence Force. Force claims that as Puukkoo is considered as traditional knife hence defence forces restrict themselves on not upholding the restrictions on this specific knife.

Fact: A famous Finnish knife designer Tapio Wirkkala designed a Puukko knife for Gutmann cutlery

Conclusion on Puukko Knives:

Puukko knife as a very long history with the Humankind, it’s still been used and loved in many countries, there are many people that are going back to the older knife designs that made the human life of those centuries easy and effective. If you like to buy one of the Puukko knives, kindly check the Amazon button below. Also, share your valuable thought on this epic knife

Its time to get your Puukko Knife

The End ♥ towards a Puukko knife

Source: wikipedia

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