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A pocket knife is a folding tool with one or two blades fitted inside the handle. It is also called as Jackknife or penknife. There are thousands of pocket knives to choose from, to make a choice clear we have prepared a buying guide or checklist however, you want to call it as.

we know there are a variety of pocket knives popping out every day to the market but, do you know which knife suits your requirement?  if not go through this buying guide and let’s know your opinion in the comment box.

Disclaimer “This is a General  buying guide and we would have missed a few factors you think is important we would be happy to update our content” Comment below

let’s jump into the buying guide

 Table of content

1. Pocket knife important factors  

2. Purpose of a pocket knife

3. Type of pocket knife

4. Best pocket knife

5. Conclusion on the pocket knife buying guide

 Pocket knife important factor

These are 5 most factors to keep in mind before buying a pocket knife.

  • Handle
  • Blade
  • Durability
  • Usage

Handle:  General definition “the part of the knife which is used to carry control and to be held”

It’s time for you to choose the type of handle you are looking for, There are wood handle, bone handle, Birch, Black Gum handle, Bocote handle, Bubinga handle, C Tek handle etc, there are hundreds and I know this makes no sense knowing a hundred different types of handle materials, in general people look for wood handle, metal handle and the bone handles

Blades: Blade plays an important role in a knife, like that of the handle there are hundred different types of blade materials and all blade materials have their own advantage and disadvantage. The most famous blade materials are stainless steel plate, carbon steel plate, Titanium plates, ceramic plates, etc.

Durability: I will not be able to give a hipe or criticize any specific knife brand or knife, as they have their own importance but, to speak in general the durability of a knife depend on multiple factors like usability of a knife, the quality of a knife, even it would be a effect by the moisture or room temperature etc,

Usability:  There are people who buy a knife just by seeing the image,  we all know DSLRs can make a toy car look like a real car that’s just lame example, nevermind. This factor plays an important role in buying guide. This is the factor why you are buying the knife for. we can buy a knife for outdoor uses, for fishing, hunting, etc. but we cannot buy the best safety k Canoe Knife nife for hunting. so go through your requirements once again,  check what is the main reason you are buying the knife for?

 Purpose of a pocket knife

 let’s discuss some purpose of having a pocket knife in our day to day life.

  1.  opening a package
  2. cutting fruits
  3. removing a splinter
  4. whittling
  5. Carving
  6. making fire
  7.  safety  and security
  8. opening bottle
  9. trimming fishing line
  10. cutting bait
  11. filleting fish
  12. splitting firewood etc, you can refer to 101 uses of pocket knives here

Type of pocket knives 

I have already listed the type above, but here you can see with images of the best knife, along with the link to Amazon if you are willing to buy from a trusted website

1. Peasant Knife

Svord Peasant Micro Copper

Peasant knife one of the popular design of old age. Previously this knife had a wooden handle.

This was mainly used by farmers, herdsmen and gardners used, Based on the class of the people the name of the knife became the peasant knife.

It is also called as the penny knife because of its cost.

This knife doesn’t have a tang to hold the blade, And the blade users used to hold both the blade and handle together.

2. Slip Joint Knife

Perkin Knives – Handmade Damascus Pocket Knife

During 1660 the slip join became famous, This was experimental done by cutlers in England.

This is the modification done to to the previous models that lock the blade in place while using. and keep the knife closed when not in use.

This split joint doesn’t not work based on the gravity it works on tension held in handles.

Sneak peek how the blade works.

One side of the blade is attached to the knife handle and on another side, there is a bar called back spring when the knife is rotated the blade opens up for use.

The tang in the blade rotated against the back spring, and this pressure creates a tension to open the knife.

 3. Barlow knife

Case Knives 6 5 BoneStag Barlow

Barlow knife was created in England by a person named Barlow.

This knife has 2 blades, and this design has an elongated oval handle.

This was one of the favorite knives in the United stated even though it was created in England

 4. Camper Knife

Swiss Army knife

This is one of the most famous knives even now. You would probably see it everywhere.

this has multiple tools on that, if you were a Boy Scout, you would have had one, if I am not wrong.

This knife as tools like Opener, scissors, screwdrivers, etc. U would recognize this knife as a multitool knife

5. Canoe Knife

Case Amber Bone CV Canoe Pocket Knife

This knife gets its name from the shape it is, it looks somewhat like a canoe.

This has 2 blades one is a drop point blade and the other one is a pen blade

6. Congress Knife

Congress is kind of a split joint blade but it as 4 blades.

The knife ass a spear point, coping, sheeps foot, and pen blades.

They say that Abe Lincoln used to carry this blade back in the days.

It basically got its name because all of its blades form a congress shape coming together in the middle.

7. Peanut Knife

Name is a knife because just because of the size fine.

As all other pocket knives we discussed, even this has 2 blades one is a drop point blade and another is a clip point

8. Pen Knife

Here is a small story of the penknife, back during the old age people used to write using the quill pens, to write in a quill pen one as to create a point on their quill before writing.

To help his writing, cutlers of that time developed a blade and named it a pen blade.

These blades a fixed type of blade attached. but to make things easier they made it a foldable one.

British English describes the pen knife as a multi-blade knife or a tool.

Back in those days, the tradition pen knife is a small pocket knife with two blades.

One of them being a pen and another as a blade.

9. Sodbuster Knife

Sodbuster is a workmen pocket knife, these are strong knives with a sharp blade.

You can refer to it as an outdoor knife used for fishing, hunting, etc.

10. Stockman Knife

Stockman is an American classic knife developed for cowboys.

this knife has 3 blades clip point, sheepsfoor, and spey.

As we already told is a classic knife, hope your grandfathers had one of the kind

11. Trapper Knife

Trapper knife was developed for trappers.

It had 2 blades one is clip point and another is a spey.

And these blade resides on the same side of the handle.

 Best pocket knife

Going through all the best websites and checking the review of a user we have put a list of 3 best pocket knives, keeping all the factors like usability, durability, purpose, and quality in mind.




Smiley faceSmiley faceSmiley face




Overall Length: 7.875 InchesOverall Length: 7.87 InchesOverall length: 8.5 Inches
Blade Length: 3.375Blade Length: 3.4 InchesBlade Length: 3.75 Inches
Blade Type: Drop PointBlade Type: Reverse TantoBlade Type: Clip Point
Blade Material: 14C28N StainlessBlade Material: S30V StainlessBlade Material: 420HC
Rockwell Hardness: UnknownRockwell Hardness: 58-60 HRCRockwell Hardness: 58 HRC
Handle Material: AluminumHandle Material: G-10Handle Material: Rosewood
Weight: 3.9 oz.Weight: 2.65 oz.Weight: 7.5 oz.

 Conclusion on the pocket knife buying guide

 There are multiple purposes to have a pocket knife, this guide is just a definition to make your choice clear.

Knife listed above would not be your line of choice, This article is just a list of opinions and the best reviews collected from different sites. There are a hundred more best knives to go through. If you think any knife should be added in the list, Please comment below. 

The End, ♥ towards Pocket knife

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