Opinel Carbon VS Stainless – Facts to consider

opinel carbon vs stainless

Before speaking in-depth about the Opinel carbon steel and Opinel stainless steel, let us study a bit about the well-known knife materials and why are they famous over one another.


we all have studied about carbon in our schools and colleges, carbon is represented with a chemical formula “C” and the atomic number is 6.

1. Carbon is one of the well-known elements since antiquity.
2. It is the 15th most abundant element in the earth crust.
3. Fourth most abundant element in the universe by mass.

Graphite, diamond and amorphous are well-known carbons.


Stainless is a steel alloy that has 10.5% of chromium content, stainless steel is more famous because of its corrosion resistance capacity.

Stainless steel is nowadays used everywhere like bars, wire, tubes, plates, etc the unique nature of not suffering to uniform corrosion has made the stainless steel one of the best material Unlike the Carbon Steel

The carbon steel rust radially when exposed to the environment or moisture

Even the stainless steel is best, but there would be cracking in certain conditions

1. In the external environment factors Like high chloride level temperature or above 50 degrees Celsius.
2. If the material is stressed with a heavy load.
3. If the steel is not SCC resistant.

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Opinel Carbon steel:

Most of the Knife companies used carbon materials for making a knife, because of its explicit nature and over the time it was widely available

Opinel carbon knife as very high hardness, it’s very easy to sharpen and has excellent toughness whereas it is less resistance towards rust and corrosion

Opinel carbon blades have Moderate carbide level and the different knife has different carbide levels.

As we all know carbon steel was one of the dominant material over the years, whereas its expansion just decreased over the introduction of stainless steel. Even now the carbon steel is used in many places and large fixed blade knives are done using carbon Steel.

Opinel Stainless Steels :

As already defined stainless steel is one of the favorite material for knife blades, not every steel can be stainless steel in order to say it has stainless steel it should have chromium of least 10.5%

There is steel called semi-stainless steel which did not fit into the class of stainless steel

Carbon is the hardest blade material and there is no exception on that as it is the hardest Steel, we require less time to maintain the adjust the sharpness of the Blade and lasts longer than other materials.

The drop on the carbon steel is that lack of chromium because of this, it attracts corrosion or Rust this knife should be kept out of moisture and should be thoroughly cleaned

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Pros and cons of Carbon Steel

Sharpness: carbon steel is very rigid and very sharp because of high carbon the blade sharpness remains for a long time, it performs very well in cutting and requires very less effort even now chefs prefer carbon steel over a stainless steel knife

Affordable: the price of carbon steel knife is less compared to other, the price cannot define the quality of Knife but now you can decide how and why carbon steel is famous for.

Hardness: Outdoor activists people still prefer carbon steel knife for its hardness and the precise cut, carbon is a hard material carbon steel may rust but this rigidity keeps it going in the game.

Edge retention: there is no doubt about its retention capability, it is hard material 5-minute sharpening of a blade can keep your knife Sharp for a long time. we can cut any material faster in carbon steel than stainless steel

Pros and cons of stainless steel

Durability: as a name says “Stainless” so it keeps way ahead in the game of durability, it resists corrosion or rusts. as we all know rust or corrosion can shrink the lifespan of the Blade very soon

Affordability: It is a bit expensive compared to carbon steel, we all know the fact that things that are durable are costlier but it is worth paying it.

Recyclability: we all know papers are recycled in a rapid phase, the same goes with the same steel. it is one of the most recycled materials today, in fact, nowadays Stainless Steels are used everywhere

Appearance: No doubt Stainless still looks good and stays long as the Knife doesn’t require more maintenance than that of the other materials.

Conclusion On Opinel carbon steel and stainless steel

This article might be about the Opinel carbon steel vs stainless steel but I have stressed more on Carbon and stainless material because this is the main difference you need to know while selecting Opinel carbon or Opinel stainless steel

Any material is not perfect, all as its advantages and disadvantages. It all depends on the requirement and how much we would take care of the knife. Knives are so trending as almost all would like to have one, These knives are made of these materials, this is the main difference you used to know and I think this article will help you out.

Also let me know your favourite knife

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The End, towards Pocket knife


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