Opinel 12 – Is It The Right Knife For The Job In 2019?

Opinel 12 explorer

Opinel 12 Explorer is one of the best Survival knife produced by Opinel brand. It is well equipped for outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, survival, etc

Opinel blades are well known for its best indoor knife, Opinel has series of renowned knife produced, like Opinel No 2 till Opinel No 12 and Opinel 12 Explorer is the one we are going to discuss today.

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Tabel of Content

1. why would I want to try Opinel 12 Explorer knife

2. What is my reaction opening the Opinel 12 Explorer knife package

3. Specifications of Opinel 12 Explorer knife

4. Opinel 12 Explorer knife is best for Pros and Cons?

5. Opinel 12 Explorer knife is best for?

6. My opinion on Recommending this Opinel 12 Explorer knife

7. Concluding on Opinel 12 Explorer knife

why would I want to try Opinel 12 Explorer knife

When I say that Opinel 12 Explorer is designed for outdoor, I mean it because it is designed for immersion activities in outdoor, this knife is packed with fire starter, hook and the whistler of 110 dB.

what more would you wish to have for survival knife with the price of 39.90$? Also, these handles are rigid and are made up of Fiberglass material, they have so much resistance towards water and external temperature

What is my reaction opening the Opinel 12 Explorer knife package

Being a user of Opinel wood handle for a long time and this fiberglass handle gives rigidity and the firmness of outdoor knives. I don’t deny the fact that wooden handles of Opinel knife are one of the best handles ever, but it’s not the right way to compare indoor knife with outdoor knife

The handle is 6 inches and blends perfectly to the Stainless Steel Blade, and the blade is four-inch long with 0.8 inches thickness, makes this knife seamlessly awesome and the first reaction is just “Wooooow”

I know a picture is worth a Thousand Words because people trust on images that of the content you write also I clearly agree that is not the wrong way to decide, so below is the first look of Opinel 12 Explorer knife

General information

Coloursilver, grey, orange
Can be engravedyes
Country of originlifetime
Number of toolsFive
Pocket clipNo

Specifications of Opinel 12 Explorer knife

  1. Blade
  2. Virobloc ring
  3. Handle
  4. Firestarter
  5. Hook blade
  6. Whistle


Like all other Opinel knife, even this Opinel 12 survival is made up of stainless steel called 12C27 Sandvik.

As the name says stainless steel, it is corrosion or a rustproof blade with the very little maintenance, It as a very sharp edge that can pears into anything.

The Blade can be sharped within few minutes there are mainly 2 types of blades used in Opinel knife, One is carbon steel and another one is stainless steel you can read about this difference, this should be a must-read article if your knife lover.

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Virobloc ring :

Virobloc is a ring that acts as the switch basically, it is a rotatable ring on top of the handle it helps in keeping the sharp edge inside the handle.

Opinel knives use this design in all of their knives you don’t get to see any spring or auto switches in Opinel lights.

Handle :

The handle is one of the major changes that Opinel has come up with respect to the Survival series. Opinel series mainly used only wooden handles and they have sold over a million.

Opinel 12 survival knife has reinforced the fiber handle glass as it makes a perfect fit for hunting, fishing, survival methods and all sorts of outdoor activities.

Firestarter :

Firestarter is a must have tool for a survival knife and Opinel 12 has it.

It is a Ferrocerium Rod rod that just fits at the end of a knife

Hook blade :

This blade is not sharp as that of the main blade and if your thinking to peel of any animal skin, I doubt it would not help you. But it can be useful in certain situations like breaking the seat belt or any such sort of activities.

Whistle :

A whistle is one such cool tool to make it the ultimate survival knife, Opinel says that it is of 110 Db. This will work fine in all temperatures as the handle is made up of fabric glass reinforced poly made the handle


Finish bladesatin
Right or left-handedsymmetrical
Blade shapeclip point
Type of edgeplain edge
Toolskeyring, knife, firesteel, emergency whistle, cutting hook
Opening systemnail nick
Typebushcrafting knife, survival knife
Can be opened with one handno
Way of sharpeningflat, Western sharpening angle
Sharpening angle18º
Number of tools5

Opinel 12 Explorer knife is best for Pros and Cons?


  • It is very sharp and has a very good build quality.
  • Maintenance is less because the blade is a Stainless and had done is a rubber.
  • Excellent price range and has a very good value for it.
  • Good for cutting and survival situations.


  • Size of the blade may worry for a few users.
  • The knife handle may not be so comfortable as that of the Opinel wood handles.

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Opinel 12 Explorer knife is best for?

I have used the word “Survival” more the 50 times over the article and this makes it very clear that this knife is the best tool for survival.

Outdoor survival is not just a place for Opinel 12 can fit it, It can be used in many ranges from cutting pieces of vegetables to hardwood, There is been a serious discussion Over The Blade material between carbon steel and stainless steel.

I personally like carbon steel because they are very rigid and strong but that doesn’t mean stainless it is not a strong material.

Most of the knife makers preferred using the Carbon Steel Blade but, the major drawback is that it is very low resistance to rust and corrosion and takes a very high maintenance job.

I think we just got deviated from topic, Opinel 12 has a big handle, best for the survival situation I bet most of the survival blades would go beyond $100 for the same specifications.

My opinion on Recommending this Opinel 12 Explorer knife

I surely suggest going with this Knife for the below main reasons:

  • It is the best affordable Knife for the price.
  • It as very good build quality.
  • The manufacturers of this knife as a best-renowned name in the knife industry and you can trust on their products.
  • The tactical Gears of a Knife is well equipped for survival situations.
  • Maintenance of this knife is easy compared to others.

what else more can I expect to recommend this knife for other !!

Concluding on Opinel 12 Explorer knife

I am personally impressed by the elegant simplicity of knife design and build quality Opinel has retained the design of keeping the Virobloc ring and blade material, the handle is pretty big and gives a good grip, embedded tools in Opinel 12 Explorer Knife are excellent.

It definitely makes its cut in Survival series, try one.

The End, ♥ towards Pocket knife

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