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Marbles woodcraft

Before we speak about the Marbles woodcraft Knife, we should speak about a person named in Georgia w Brooks. Who is the man behind the iconic Marbles design

Marbles woodcraft knife history

Georgia w Brooks designed a knife around 1914 and contacted Marbles. We do not have any information about George W Brooks but Marbles is a manufacturer company Goes by a name “Marble Arms” basically from Gladstone, Michigan started at 1887.

Webster l Marble is a founder of the company Marble arms. These are the main producers of Universal Rifles and they have expanded the products from Rifle to outdoor goods like knives, safety gears, access etc.

They have competed against the greatest gun manufacturing companies like Williams, King Lyman, Pacific so on and are still in business and Marble arms are one of the important members of shooting sports industry in the world.

Why so much history about Marble Arms?

Because they are the producers of the “Marbles Woodcraft Knife”. Who took the patent for the right to design and produce.

Once the company acquired the design, they started producing George W Brooks design in a limited edition in 1915. By the end of 1916 woodcraft design became the mainstream catalogue for Marble arms company. As the company had the patent over design, they have modified a few changes over the decades on the original design.

There is a version of WoodCraft Knife that is made in the USA and this design has taken over a legendary reputation, because of its high-class performance and stability.

Marble Arms manufacturing company have stopped producing this Knife from 2006, but not to worry because there is another Legend taking over the design that is “Bark River Knives“. The current version of WoodCraft knife is “Marbles Woodcraft 100th anniversary knife”

The Hype for this Knife is that it is completely designed and manufactured in the USA 100% and it is made by Mike Stewart from Bark River Knives. The licence is still under Marble arms name but owned by company name “Blue Ridge Knives”.

Information on present Manufactures of Marble woodcraft 100th Anniversary blade.

Phone Website
+1 (906) 789 – 1801

I have to mention this Bark river knife carries a very unique type of warranty called no-nonsense rock-solid, warranty. if you want to read about Check this article: – No-nonsense rock-solid warranty

In short, no-nonsense rock-solid warranty is a kind offer full-body warranty for a lifetime.

When you speak about the Marbles knife the first thing that comes to the mind is WoodCraft knife. It’s an awesome design Knife which is also called as the Classic Webster design, this is a combination of the perfect blade along with a Unique handle.

The handle is so famous because of its stacked leather model, you would barely come across this type of handle materials in any Knives.

This Knife as a swept design with a unique belly structure, which gives you a highly handling quality, it has a match Strikers in the neck of the blade and as a perfect place for the thumb to balance.

The leather handle is flawless and attractive, This knife comes with a sheath, and the sheath is embedded by a synthetic liner to protect the sheath from the sharp blade.

The real speciality of this Knife is, it’s not just the knife tool. Its a pride of having the ownership, that offer an intangible experience that is missing in today’s knife.

Older Version Knife Vs Newer Version knife

There is a bit of difference between the early version of a WoodCraft to a new version.

  • Blade material: Older version used 1095 carbon steel and the new version uses A2 tool Steel.
  • Blade thickness: Older Knife had 0.125 inches and the new one have 0.175 inches.
  • Blade spine: Older version had a spine iteration whereas the newer version does not have checking on the spine.

I should also specify the current version resembles the same design of 1924 pattern very closely.

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Specification Of Marbles Woodcraft Knife

Marbles woodcraft knife
Blade Length 4.5″
Overall Length 8.375″
Blade Material A2 Tool Steel
Blade Thickness 0.17″
Blade Style Bowie
Blade Finish Stacked Leather
Handle Material Stacked Leather
Sheath Material Brown Leather
Weight 4.7 oz
Made Made in the USA
Buy At

1. Marbles woodcraft stacked leather handle

The handle is of 3.14 inch and it’s not big handle for the outdoor Knife. It just fits right into your hands with the Classic balance

There are different type in holding a knife and This knife will fit in for all the categories because of its design and material used.

Below is the demonstration of holding Marvels WoodCraft knife and all credit goes to “Sgt Mike and care”.

Marbles knife holding type
Image Credit:

The knife handle is made up of stacked leather.

If you wonder whats Stacked leather is?

Here is the definition: “Stacked leather is a volume of the spirally-wrapped thin leather stack, filed to a specific shape forming a handle. This is not one layer of leather. Its a pile of multiple layers of pure leather”.

2. Blade material of Woodcrafts knife

The blade is made up of A2 tool Steel, whereas in 1924 the Blade was made up of different Carbon Steel

Following are the characteristics of A2 tool Steel

  • It is a good machinability material.
  • It has high compression capability, basically a retention capacity.
  • It has high dimensional stability after the material is tempered.
  • It’s a good where resistance material.
  • It has good non-deforming property.
Marbles knife A2-tool-steel
Image Credit:

This A2 Steel holds a high retention capacity. Having a classic A2 carbon steel knife is just like having the beast in the hand, it can basically do any task you wish for.

It’s a Bowie styled blade and it finishes the blade with a stacked leather at the bottom neck of the knife.

When you speak about the Marbles Knife and with this type of material build quality, you should also consider the other two iconic Knives, that is “Hunting safety knife” and “Fieldcraft Knife”.

These are also the old benchmark Knife but these 2 knives do not have a leather handle, this makes the WoodCraft the best choice. it’s an enjoyable feeling to just hold this Marbles knife.

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3. Marbles woodcraft knife sheath

Marbles woodcraft comes with a brown leather sheet. The speciality of this sheath is that it has a synthetic liner.

This synthetic liner protects the Sheath from the sharp blade. This synthetic liner also saves the blade from corrosive effects. There are a few types of leather that cause the corrosive effect by retaining the moisture.

The sheath Provided, covers both the blade and the handle. But the sheath does not have a clip or a bar to tuck in.

The sheath has the awesome logo of Marbles engraved which gives a phenomenal look.

Performance of Marbles Woodcraft knife

Performance depends on the type of blade and for what is used for. Let’s consider two general categories, for the informative purpose. one is Hunters and another is outdoor enthusiasts.

Let’s speak about the outdoor enthusiast’s fist.

These survivalists have a huge range of factors to consider like sharpness, blade material, size, handle, thickness, length extra.

I do agree that there are hundreds of Knife made to suit all these specific requirements of the survivalist and all have their own demand and functionalities.

To give you an example you might have probably come across a very famous TV show “Man vs wild” powered by Discovery network, This show is hosted by Bear Grylls, he uses his own type of knife for his requirement, which is specially designed and produced by “Gerber company” and Knife is “Gerber 31 Bear Grylls edition“.

Similar to this, There are iconic history people like George Washington sears who designed “Nessmuk Knife” also Horace Kephart has his own design knife called “Kephart Knife“. A fact to consider is that all have their unique nature of existence that pops up with there own features.

Comparing all these knives is just insane. Nowadays people go by the country design or specific requirement etc, and I don’t deny the fact that there are all considerable knives.

Marbles woodcraft is also one such result-oriented Knife. Also, it was re-designed and produced by one of the leading companies in the game “Marbles manufacturing company” when you consider all these facts, It is no way less than any Knife that is been designed today.

Coming to Hunters, Hunters do really have only 2 requirements, sharpness and the handle grip. Rest all factors depend on the hunter skills. Marbles woodcraft was re-designed keeping hunting and survival in the mind, this Knife is nowhere lagging behind on any of its competition and I think it’s one of the best market choices as per my opinion.

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Two of the Mables best Knives comparison

Comparasion of MArbles knife-min
Marbles 100th Anniversary Woodcraft Marbles Woodcraft Knife, 8 7/8in
Overall: 8. 3″ Overall: 8.7″
Blade: 4. 5″ Blade :4. 1″
A2 tool steel 1095 carbon steel
Stacked leather handle Textured black Kraton handle
No Hole Lanyard hole
Brown leather sheath Embroidered black Cordura belt sheath
Made in USA Made in USA
8.1 Ounce 8.8 ounces

Conclusion on the Marbles woodcraft 100th-anniversary knife.

I have pretty much written all the facts that need to be considered. This article is not just a review post, it’s all about the in-depth information related to Marbles company and the History of the Marbles woodcraft knife. Marbles woodcraft is one of the premium design knives which suits and favours all situations that we can imagine. Their Mighty be an outstanding design that has been created over the years, but when we have to compare the performance between those Knives with Marbles woodcraft, I don’t really think, this beast would lag back on any situations.

George W Brooks and Marbles manufacturer company have already done their best in the designing and production of this knife. The only thing left is that, the opinion from your end. Why not buy your Marbles woodcrafts 100th-anniversary knife and let me know your opinion. Here is the link for you to

The End, ♥ towards Pocket knife

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