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Kershaw Blur

Kershaw Knife is a US-based company and the man behind this incredible company is Pete Kershaw which was started in 1974 in Portland. Kershaw just dint produce the Random knives whereas it produces Sporting knives series, kitchen cutleries, outdoor knives etc. It is also a proud member of KAI groups which has Headquarters at the Oregon, United States.

Pete Kershaw was an employee of Gerber legendary Knife company, We have written an in-depth article about the Gerber legendary Knife company you can read it here,

Gerber legendary Knife: Is one of the legendary quality producers of Knives, it’s been widely used by the biggest celebrities all over the world. The one good example that I can give is that Bear Grylls. The Programs hosted by Discovery Channel “The Man Vs Wild” this program is curated by “Bear Grylls” and he has his own line of knife produced by Gerber legendary Knives called Gerber Bear Grylls legendary edition I always love this knife.

Coming back to Keshav knives, these knives are originally produced in the USA now, Previously it was produced in Japan, Now this company is owned by KAI groups. In 1977 due to the market requirements and expanding they had to open a different outlet in different places in the USA, the main facility is located in Oregon, USA.

Kershaw Knives has three main production lines one is Kershaw Knives, Shun Cutlery, Zero Tolerance

The main production in Kershaw Knives in the USA is Sporting Knives and Pocket knives, whereas in kitchen cutlery is complete handcrafts which are called Japanese kitchen knives and zero-tolerance these are one of the premium productions of Kershaws

Blur S30V Kershaw Knives

These Knives are not just the models of Pete Kershaw, These are the Models of the world-renowned custom knife designers like Ken Onion, Ichiro Hattori etc.

One of the popular design that was released in 2002 was “Leek 1660”. This knife has given multiple awards for the company, the rainbow version of the Leek 1660 also won the BLADE SHOW AWARD IN 2002

Another well-known knife produced by Kershaw, Which increased the Standards in Knife production Industry was Blur S30V Speedsafe Knife.

General information of Kershaw Blur S30V

blur s30v knives


SpeedSafe Knife

KERSHAW KNIFEBlur s30v Knife
Opening SpeedSafe® assisted opening
Knife stud Thumb stud
Knife lock Inset liner lock
Pocketclip Reversible pocketclip
Handle hole Lanyard hole
Steel S30V, stonewashed finish
Handle 6061-T6 aluminum, black anodized, Trac-Tec inserts
Blade Length 3.4 in. (8.6 cm)
Closed Length 4.5 in. (11.4 cm)
Overall Length 7.9 in. (20 cm)
Weight 4.0 oz (113.4 g)
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Keshwar Blur S30V was released in 2017, It is one of the star attraction of Kershaw company after 2017, The main reason was they used innovative technologies, different steel materials and designs to produce the knife. These steels where powdered and grained, Forming a dense material which can hold high pressure and increases the edge retention capacity for a very long time. It shows the excellent toughness and hardness like other knives produced by Kershaw, Blur S30V is also slightly curved which helps in multitasking with the precise cut and slicing ability, feature for Blur S30V is that it has a non-reflecting look also it as a stonewashed finish.

The handle of Kershaw S30V is made up of an aircraft aluminium material, which is moulded to have a Trac-Tec grip-tape with an aircraft aluminium handle giving a solid grip on any environmental conditions. They also described that these handles have been anodized to get a different look and colour also this anodizing effect can increase the toughness of the Knife for both handle and the Glimpse.

Blur S30V has a speed safe opening, it’s one of the easiest one-hand opening tools. it also has a pocket clip for safe carry.

Below is the in-depth information of Technology specifications used in Kershaw S30V

Tech specifications of Kershaw Blur S30V


SpeedSafe assistants opening is one of the extraordinary features introduced by Kershaw. Kershaw is the Pioneer in speedsafe designing in the knife industry and this was originally designed by knifemaker, Ken Onion. SpeedSafe is also been patented by Kershaw company.

The main part of the speed safe is Torsion bar, it prevents from opening and closing of the knife. The closed Torsion bar resistor gravity opening of the knife. You might probably ask me if this fall under a switchblade category? the answer is No. These do not fall under any switchblade category. There are many features like Knife does not deploy blades on single push or the button or gravity force, These features fall under the federal definition for switchblades, hence this is not a switchblade.


Kershaw Knife uses two different materials for manufacturing the Knife. You might wonder Using 2 different materials might compromise any desired or quality of the Blade, But Using the 2 metal combination it as increased the quality and the cutting stuffer retention capability of the knife.

I know we usually would not come across this type of Technology using a different type of Materials in the blade. But Kershaw knives have Pionared and are successful in using this type of technology that can enhance the capacity and capability of the Knife into a whole new level.


Locking system intended to keep the Blade closed until the user wants to use it, In most of the Knives the metals usually used are either steel or titanium plates. In this they have used steel plates inside the handles, As I previously mentioned, the handles are made of the Aluminium material and the blade is made up of the combinations of the 2 different materials.

The locking system the Blur S30V use is Inset lock Lock technology, How this works is, a small steel plate is placed in between the handle, It is liner and it reverts back to custom machined cutout inside the handle (between the handle). In this technology they do not use any heavy or thick materials to lock hence this helps them to reduce the size of the knife.


The basic concept of the pocket clip is to help easy carry of knives, Kershaw knives are not just restricted for the one design of the pocket lips they have multiple clips technologies in place.

The specific method used in the Kershaw Blur S30V knife uses TIP-UP OR TIP-DOWN technology. UP means when the knife is closed the clip points towards you to carry, whereas if it’s DOWN it points to the opposite direction, This all depends on the difference you choose to close. Some of the Kershaw knives even as three to four different positions from left hand to the right hand, It all depends on the knife you choose.


Blade plays a major role in the knife, Different Kershaw uses a different type of blade materials. Blade material plays a vital role in the ability and resistance capacity towards the corrosion, sharpness and edge retention. Few of the materials that are been used by Kershaw 420HC, 420J, 65MN, 3CR13, 4CR14, 8CR13MOV

Kershaw blur S30V uses the 420HC, which as a high resistance capacity and edge retention and its HRC is 58.


The handle can make and break the tonight of the blade. That is it all depends on the balance and the Precision that handle can provide while using. So its also a very important factor to consider when you buy a knife.

Kershaw Blur S30V has used of 6061-T6 aluminium handle material, which is anodized to form a black in colour handle with a track Tech insertion.

There are many different handed materials used by Karisma knives below are few.

  • G-10

Anodized aluminium will give a microscopic texture on the handle. The anodized aluminium makes handle stronger and firm and also keep this Coated Die for long-lasting surface colouration. The added advantage using the anodized Aluminium is that it is very high scratch resistance, This also favours the knife from slipping during the wet conditions giving the solid Clinch.


This knife is stonewashed to give desirable roughness and also gives a profound colour as preferred by manufacturers.

I have used multiple time the word Stonewash in this article, let me explain to you what exactly is Stonewash, It is nothing but, it is been washed with ceramic stones to have a scrubbed look, this basically helps in hiding the scratches on your blade and fingerprint

Some of the great finishing technologies used by Kershaw Knives are as below:


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Conclusion On Kershaw Blur S30V

Kershaw Knife is one of the premium knife available on the market. Pete Kershaw was trained by Gabbar legendary Knife company, we all know its name ranks on the top list of the knife manufacturing companies. But Kershaw knives have moved one step ahead in designing and innovation technologies, They are built in the moral of using different methods and mechanism to make the knife look innovative, durable and cost-effective.

They also invented different Technologies like using dual blade materials, speedsafe assistance opening with giving a stonewashed look. These all factors have given a Kershaw company a higher dignified position in manufacturing list. Kershaw knife also has a large history of winning the best awards in the market. These producing of Kershaw is not just used by the USA, it’s been used by all over the world and this is been also praised by a new generation, for adding the new Revolutionary Technology involved in Knife Productions. Blur S30V is one of the premium design that has been produced by Kershaw knives, it has given company multiple awards from 2007. if you would like to have a premium design pocket price I could recommend Kershaw blur S30V, It would be a perfect fit for your requirements. why not try one

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