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OTF Automatic knife is ideal wicked entry to the knife industry, this Knife is not just attractive whereas they perfectly suit the everyday carry, there are few reasons to try and consider it as an ideal knife. Those are Safety, Durability and Self-defence.

Another factor to put into consideration would be the investment, let’s get in with detailed information about these factors.

Safety: These knives have a crafted mechanism to be safe, even though it comes with very sharp blades. The US restricts the usage and carrying of the automatic knife because of violence since 1950. Automatic knives have a pretty firm grip, that prevents slipping of a knife during use, which prevents hurting yourself.

Durability: OFT Automatic knives uses stainless steel plate material along with specific metals like Aluminium and harder hand materials. With all these combined materials it gives a high range of reliability and durability for this knife. These Knives had the ability to withstand harsh conditions and fluctuations to the outer atmosphere.

Self-defence: As we all know outdoor Knives plays a major role in the self-defence, OTF knife is one of the best Self-defence knives during dangerous situations, these knives are compact sharp and are lightweight, which also has a firm grip which suits perfectly for a close range, The added advantage to this knife is that it perfectly fits into your palm or a pocket and it is easily carriable.

Investment: You would think, with this high build quality and knife credibility this OTF knife would cost you more, but I like to tell you that! it’s a great value for the money you spend. It could be a great companion for the outdoor enthusiast also can serve you in all indoor activities as well.

Honest reaction on OTF Automatic Knife on the first view

otf-knives automatic

This answer would vary from person to person, as it is a general opinion on OTF automatic knife. There are hundreds of different OTF knives and different knives have different look and feel to speak on. In general, this OTF knife is very attractive looking, which also gives them secured pocket carry knife feeling, In fact, it’s true it can be carried in pockets. Whereas there are restrictions imposed on few states of US on carrying OTF automatic knives, keeping the lawsuit aside the look and feel of the knife makes every person to have one OTF, but I do not deny the fact that there are other well-built knives with awesome quality, when speaking about OTF knife! it is one such knife which stands out of crowd even with a lot of restrictions imposed.

What OTF Automatic Knife is capable of?

The capability of a Knife completely depends on the materials used for manufacturing and the vital expansion on the requirements, taking automatic OTF knife into consideration, these are capable of multiple tasks both on internal tracks and outdoor channels. These knives are assisted with spring or button to release the knife which is an instant action, this just doesn’t play as a safety tool when comes to action, it can also outperform most of the knives of its range. This can be used for cutting, pealing and for minor activities, if you’re looking for a knife that can do hard tasks in outdoor, this is not the knife you should go for. This is completely smaller knife, mostly used for personal security defence purposes and for smaller activities. Its functionality is restricted for a certain limit as that is not a large knife as that of Nessmuk or Kephart Knives

Types of OTF automatic knives

otf-knives automatic

There are two types of OTF automatic knife “Out the Front” :

  • DA-OTF (double-action)
  • SA-OTF (single-action)

Double action OTF knives release the Blade using a spring or a button whereas, after the release the blader as to be manually closed or retracted.

Many think the Double action OTF knife has less power in opening the blades using the Spring and buttons, Its a misconception on this knife, this button and springs have the ability to release the blade in the higher speed and can open completely, even though it is less compared to Single action OTF knives

Single action OTF knives use robust coil spring to open the blade to a full extent, this robust spring as the ability to open the blade at a speed which can easily tear the skin apart during release.

Pros and cons of the OTF Automatic Knife :

  • One hand Opening capability
  • Very powerfull knives
  • Awesome built quality
  • Has a great look
  • Has ristions on many states
  • You would face mechanical issues,
    if not maintained properly
  • Bit expensive compared to manual knives

Who does OTF Automatic Knife perfectly fit for?

OTF knife fits into all category of people who love to have a pocket knife, This doesn’t mean that it just fits for the people who love pocket knives, It’s for all the kind of people but, it all depends on the requirements of the customer. Even though there is a lot of restrictions on the usage and carry of this knife, it as its own fan fanbase.

Specifications of OTF Automatic Knife

OTF Double Action knifeOTF Knives
Brand OTF
Blade Material Premium 440c steel blade
Blade opening Thumb slider
Weight Just 3.35 oz
Handle Material 6061 aluminum handle
Ideal for Everyday carry
Warenty Lifetime warenty

Why do you recommend OTF Automatic Knife

We all know that OTF knife is pretty much famous all over the world, even though there are restrictions. There are peoples who use OTF knives on a regular basis. Recommending this OTF knife would be strange because of the restrictions it process, but anything that can be used for a good purpose can always be your friend. we would like to recommend for the people who always would like to have a pocket knife throughout their journey then this OTF can rightly fit into it.

FAQ about OTF Automatic Knife

Are OTF knives automatic?

OTF knives are the automatic knives, which act using the spring functionality and button, But there is also a variation called single action OTF knives and double-action knives.

Are OTF automatic knives illegal?

Most of the states in the US consider OTF automatic knives as the illegal knife, also there are states like Utah and Vermont which doesn’t restrict the usage of OTF automatic knives. These OTF knives fall under the Switchhblades Laws of the US

Are OTF knives illegal in Canada?

Cannada doesn’t consider the OTF knives as illegal, It is completely legal to own and carry, they console OFT to be legal because these knives require the pressure to click or activate the button in order to open the blade.

Are OTF knives legal in VA?

Virginia knife law considers switchblades to be illegal to own and carry, under this law even bowie, concealed knives, ballistic knives, machete etc wall under these categories.

Are OTF knives legal in Delaware?

Delaware knife laws don’t actually restrict any kind of knife whereas there is a restriction on the knives which are over 3 inches, the only few knives that fall under the restrictions are switchblades and the throwing stars. As OTF knives fall under the switchblades it is considered to be illegal.

Are OTF knives illegal in CA?

California considers the OTF knife as illegal to own and carry, it also considers the gravity knives, daggers and dirks as illegal to carry along, basically, California restricts any knives that are fixed blades or the stabbing weapons.

Are OTF knives legal in PA?

Pennsylvania considers as OTF knives illegal knives as the criminal code of justice prohibits any knives that are razor-sharp or the cutting instruments

Conclusion on OTF Automatic Knife

otf-knives automatic

OTF  automatic knives are pretty much awesome Knives, Newer OTF automatic knives are so much eye-catching and have the high credibility that can even outrank the most of the pocket knives. With the ability of spring speed opening and razor sharpness it has gained hype over the years.  I would always like to carry One By My Side and YOU

Thanks for reading, ♥ towards Pocket knife

Reference: Swordsswords.com

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