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Hi, I am Shubin Changappa A.K Author of the blog Pocketknivesmall.com

I am basically from a small part of India called “Coorg” which is also called as the “Scotland of India” because of its beauty and the Western Ghats. Coorg is not just known for its beauty, it is also known for its tremendous culture and warrior spirits.

You might ask me is Coorg is known for the Warriors?

Yes Absolutely, People of Coorg had been the four front Warriors to the Indian Army since the Indian Independence. Coorg also has given India’s first General “Field Marshal K.M Cariappa” the only general to hold all the superpowers of India like Air Force, Navy and Land army, it’s not just him, General Thimayya, Air Marshals. Lt. General Apparanda. C. Iyappa, Air Marshal Cheppudira D Subbaia, Squadron Leader Ajjamada B Devaiah, List goes on. Kodavas have held the greatest Positions like Lt. Generals, Major Generals, Brigadiers and Air Marshals. In fact, had a separate regiment called “71st Coorg Rifles”

As was born in the village, I always had an urge to go out and play In the Wild, I always like to play with knives, guns, survival tools etc,

You might think gun? yes, It’s a real gun. People from Coorg have a special permit to have their own Guns.

I always had an eagerness to know more about the different tools that are Warriors ancestors used in olden ages, This also made me collect a few tools as well. People of Coorg have a special warrior knife called Odikathi, a beautiful looking Knife. Below id the picture.

I think these factors have fascinated me to read more about Knives and history, I just wanted to turn my fascination into a way of conveying things to the people, who would really like to know more about these knives and tools.

I am basically a computer science engineer graduated from one of the top colleges from South Karnataka “Coorg Institute of Technology ” I had been part of Accenture technology team for more than a one and half years.

My eagerness to become an Entrepreneur, let me do make multiple mistakes including living my full-time job from Accenture Technology and follow the path what I really like. I don’t think following a dream is a wrong thing but without the source of proper knowledge and a rightful resource, you would put yourself into a disaster.

I’ve been writing my blog for about a year now, I have already written multiple articles, started diving into the Ocean of SEO and SEM. I feel so much fascinated to get up in the morning, finding out the list of the topics I’ve already made up a month earlier and start writing. My first few contents were very poor but I have gradually improved my way of conveying the things to the readers with in-depth researching about the topics from the different source and writing the article that gives a clear picture.

I am not an expert on the topic as of now but whereas “I WILL ONE DAY” that is what I intend to be and I will make my blog as a successful career source, Hope you all support me to do that. I have a dream of opening a knife manufacturing company and this is the first step towards it. My dreams have changed over the years so many time, Below is the list of chart what’s my dreams and where I have ended up now.

Ambition List And My Fate
4 to 10 Years A Mechanick
10 to 12 Years A Cricketer
12 to 15 Years Astronaut
15 to 17 Years A doctor
17 to 21 Years Computer science Engineer
21 to Life time Entrepreneur ——– ????

One thing I would like to tell you through this article or the About me page is that. “Please follow your dreams, life is a one-way trip, you have no option to come back and change your destination, Time will never stop to any One. Make your life count” All the Best

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