Connecticut Knife laws

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Connecticut is a Southernmost state of the United States and its capital is Hartford.

An interesting fact is Connecticut is derived for anglicized spellings of Algonquian word for longtail river.

Connecticut doesn’t restrict ant type of knives, whereas it as a restriction on the length of the knife. also, the different section governing the laws as the different description on positions of knives and sentences.

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What is Legal in Connecticut knife laws

  • Balisong or butterfly knives falls in a legal zone.
  • Automatic knives, gravity knives, and Switchblades are legal but as a restriction on the size.
  • Lipstick Knives, boot knives, and cane knives are legal as well.
  • Bowie knives are legal.
  • Any other Large Knives also fall under the Legal zone.

What is illegal in Connecticut knife laws

  • Switchblades are considered illegal only if the size is over 1.5 inches
  • Automatic knives over 1.5 inches are illegal.
  • Stilettos are completely illegal
  • Any blades longer than 4 inches are illegal.

Connecticut knife laws overview

Connecticut knife laws
Connecticut knife laws

Sections governing the Connecticut Knife laws

Section: CT Gen Stat § 53-206 (2012)

You will be fined five hundred dollars or imprisoned not more than three years or both for the below scenarios.

  • You would fall under the Sec 53-206 if you carry any of the BB. gun, blackjack, metal or brass knuckles, or any dirk knife, or any switch knife
  • You will be charged if you carry any automatic spring release device, this includes the switch blades released from the handle.
  • The blades would be included only if it is over 1.5 inches or the knife over 4.5 inches.
  • This Section also includes police baton or nightstick, or any martial arts weapon or electronic defense weapon and stiletto.

The section defined above will not have any significations, over official duty officers :

  1. Any officer will not be charged under this section for the preservation of the public peace while engaged official duties.
  2. Security guards will not be charged for carrying a rod or nightstick while engaged guard’s official duties.

Section 29-38 : Mainly defines about having the knives in the vehicle

Any person possessing the deadly weapon or any restricted knives knowingly in his vehicle would be fined or imprisoned under the section 53-206 ie 500 dollars and not more than 3 years.

People do search in google, Is Razor blades considered as a deadly weapon or it is restricted?

According to section 29-38: Razor is not considered as the dangerous or the deadly weapon.

Sec. 53-207 :

Then you might ask if the Razor falls under the legal zone?


It is specifically included in the section 53-207, which prohibits carrying openly.

Knife length limitations according to Connecticut knife law

It is very clear Connecticut restrict all the knives over 4.5 inches length and blade over 1.5 inches.

Considering the matter of fact, you are free to carry any knives you wish, unless your knife falls user the legal parameters.

The above image is just for the explanatory purpose
The above image is just for the explanatory purpose

Q & A on Connecticut Knife laws

1. Are spring assisted knives legal in ct (Connecticut)?

spring-assisted-knives Yes, Those are legal, and they are allowed to carry openly

2. Are assisted or automatic knives legal in ct (Connecticut)

Automatic-knives Yes, even these are legal but the blade should not exceed 1.5 inches.

3. Are machetes legal in ct (Connecticut) ?

machetes-knivesThese fall under the legal zone, whereas the knife should not exceed 4.5 inches.

4. Are fixed blade knives legal in ct (Connecticut)?

fixed-blade-knivesConnecticut considers all knife as legal except the stilettos knives, hence fixed blade knives are legal.

5. What is the legal age to carry a knife in ct (Connecticut)?

There is no explicit law defining the legal age group to carry a knife. whereas considering the fact US knife laws restrict age group would be under 21.

8. What self-defense weapons are legal in Connecticut?

All the knives are legal to carry opening considering the knife is under the parameters set by the Connecticut laws.

Conclusion on Connecticut Knife laws

Connecticut as very friendly knife laws and it would not basically restrict any of the knives under its zone.

The only restriction would be its length factor. These restrictions are imposed just for public safety.

If your from Connecticut your luck to have any knives of your choice.

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This information is presented as a brief synopsis of the law and not as legal advice


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    How are these friendly knife laws? What is the point if I cannot carry a knife longer than 4 inches? How is this not an infringement on the right to bear arms (which includes blades)? You can “own” a blade of any size, but God forbid you want to use it or carry it, that’s illegal. Ridiculous.

    1. Shubin Changappa A K says: Reply

      Hi Daniel, Thanks for your honest reply. Let me tell you there are few states in the US which have completely restricted the used of any pocket knives, Compared to them Connecticut restricts only 3 types of knives over 100 different once and also knives over 4 inches restrictions are all over the United States, That is basically for the public safety.

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