Top 10 good balisong knives and the best brands

Top 10 bslidong knifes-min

The balisong is also called a Fan knife, Butterfly knife, folding knife and click knife. Not exclusively is the historical backdrop of the Balisong controversial, the significance behind “Balisong” is similarly as strange. It’s been aforesaid that “Balisong” is simply a word with no meaning. Few states that it comes from the town called Barrio […]

Balisong knife kit – Important information to know about

Balisong knife Cover

Balisong knife kit consists of below-mentioned parts Spring Adjustable Latch Bearing washers Sex Bolt or Pivate Tang Pins Blade Scale To install the parts together you would need basic tools like Hexa key Hammer Screwdriver Cloth Thread Lock – high strength Clamp Basic steps involved in assembling the balisong knife kit Inserting the pins Instaling […]